I went to an LGBT group today. OMG!!! Finally I get to talk to more people like me!!! It was so awesome. The people there were so friendly and I fit right in. I really can't thank Ryan enough for talking me.
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A Side Note
As of now, any fiction I write (and I hope to be writing more) will be posted at:

Out of the frying fan. There might be a fire.
Finally done high school! I believe if I were an overly emotional person, my expression would be "Sqweeeee!" No more classes I don't want to be in. No more ridiculous homework that I don't care about. I'm now proceeding to attempt to find a full-time job to keep me busy while I try to find a college so I can learn how to pilot an aircraft. Despite initial setbacks, I am still one step closer to the air. My one true home.

Story formating
Ok, so this is going to be my format for my short story posts on Live Journal. This is mostly for my use, but if anyone wants to use it, go ahead.

(If it's a fanfic)
Pairing: (For a fanfic)
(for copied work)

Rest of story

A gay story. Finally!!!

Title: Frozen in Time
Rating: G
Summary: A gay boy bumps into his crush at school and falls on top of him

Note: This is a work of fiction. As the title says, I've written a short story about high school gay romance, so enjoy:D

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Tranquility . . . almost
I'm in my sanctuary again. My sweet escape. The place I go to get away. Away from the stresses of school. Away from the pressure and the pain. A place to withdraw into myself. I'm making this short because I'm also typing a new short story:) My third in three days:D With my classical music and my warm, black coffee to calm me down, my work is going smoothly.

If only the guy on the radio would shut up and play classical music.

A really short story : )

Title: Heart of Stone
Rating: PG
Summary: A girl is in love with a boy who doesn't care about her.

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. Also the story is from the perspective of a girl (I hope I got it right:P)


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I'd kill for some peace and quiet.
People keep talking to me and around me. I like groups most of the time, but today I'm feeling antisocial. The noise is bothersome. Is it wrong of me to think these things? I hope not. It gets annoying when people try to constantly talk to me even though I'm obviously showing no interest in what they are saying. I miss my first period spare. I'd go to the coffee shop in the morning when no one was there. It was quiet, peaceful. The only people I talked to was the girls behind the counter because they had no customers and weren't busy. And that was great. But now I go around lunch and I'm surrounded by people talking. To me. Around me. A flurry of overlapping conversations that drive my head wild and make me long for the quiet. Why can't it stop! I need quiet.

I like groups, and I don't mind the company once in a while, but during my spare, I like to wind down. Chill on my own, you know? I'm too tense. Can't people see I need the silence? People will walk in to my sanctuary and yell at people less than 4 metres away. It's not necessary. I miss my quiet mornings :(

My first short story. YAY!

Title: Betrayal
Rating: 14A
Summary: A boy is betrayed by the person he cares about most

Author’s note: This Is my first attempt at an original story so I hope you like it. Also I’d like to point out that this is a work of fiction. None of this is based on fact (especially since I would never have a girlfriend due to my extreme gayness :P) 


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I burnt my tongue drink hot chocolate too fast. I guess sugar comes with a price :P   Now I have to run before I'm late for school! OWWWWWWWWWW!


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